The Venox Advantage

Venox was designed to be the ultimate solution for acquiring, storing, and growing a portfolio of digital assets for individuals, businesses or institutions. Earn interest on your holdings, simply deposit and withdraw from your portfolio vault, and unlock the next generation of decentralised, open finance.


Venox puts security first in protecting value for our clients. We have created a robust protocol for securing digital assets using offline, physical vault infrastructure on two continents, and drawing from our deep experience in the industry.

Exceptional returns

Venox portfolios have substantially outperformed the S&P 500, and the general digital asset market. Venox clients also earn yields from decentralised finance (DeFi) strategies and delegated staking, compounding returns.


Clients have the option to deposit or withdraw from their portfolio at any time, with no fees. Our smart rebalancing system is optionally applied to portfolios every quarter, and new opportunities are constantly analysed and offered to our clients proactively.

Rational diversification

Supported assets are carefully analysed and chosen by our team, offering investment into a qualified set of digital assets.

Venox Origin Portfolio

Maximise returns without compromising on security. The Venox Origin portfolio holds a basket of digital assets selected by our research team to offer asymmetric returns through economically-sound narratives. A simple way to cut through the hype and gain exposure to the industry-leading crypto projects. Venox Origin also stakes your assets and returns yields directly to your portfolio - like earning interest on your crypto holdings.

Store and grow in your Venox vault, and flexibly withdraw or deposit at any time.

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For You.

Venox offers the simplest and most secure way for private clients to invest in Digital Assets, and solves challenges in terms of estate planning, security, and privacy. Our offline vaults offer the highest level of security with private keys stored beyond the reach of cyber-criminals with sophisticated authentication systems ensuring that only our clients or their heirs can access assets. Deposit and withdraw in fiat or cryptocurrency at any time, and use Venox as your private savings account that earns interest and protects your assets.

For your business.

Allocate capital from your corporate treasury into the top performing asset class of the last decade. Enjoy positive yields and hedge against market volatility with an uncorrelated asset class that opens a door for your business to join the future of finance.

For Institutions.

Our industry leading custody and execution platform offers the ultimate solution for funds and other institutional investors and administrators providing digital assets to their clients and consumers. Talk to us about tailoring a bespoke solution for your needs.

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